• Crónica Lemar rescues Atlético in minute 99 of Cornellà's feature film

  • Griezmann An SMS of "help", a plot and 40% less salary: this was the frantic hours of his return

The story is not new.

Just four months ago, in May, against Osasuna (2-1), Simeone gathered his team with the score against, the water up to his neck and the league title on the wire.

In a quarter of an hour, between




, who marked at sunset, they solved the mess.

In Cornellá, with a more convoluted script and different protagonists, Atlético took off after a pause forced by the humidity and suffocation of the Catalan venue. Simeone's words again penetrated his own, who ended up turning the matter around after 99 minutes of fighting. This time it was




, disguised as Suárez, who came to the rescue. And all, after a ghostly first part in which Espanyol could have done a greater destruction, had it not been for


always miraculous gloves


The fact is that the rojiblancos left Cornellà, a stadium that tends to twist their gesture (two defeats and a draw in their three previous visits), with self-esteem through the roof and the warning that the first parts are also to be played.






entering the break

(Trippier, Correa and Hermoso left) and the change in drawing prompted the comeback.

By the way, Suárez, Correa, Griezmann, Carrasco, Lemar, Joao Félix and Cunha (some of them together) appeared on the Cornellá catwalk, that is, all the flammable material that Simeone has.

A declaration of intent.

Reasons for 10 minutes of addition

It took, yes, 100 minutes of the game to find a solution. An addition that curled the stands of the Catalan stadium, the Espanyol bench and satisfied Atlético.

Martinez Munuera

had plenty of reasons

to extend the game. Starting with the nearly five that elapsed between the goal scored by Lemar (minute 53) and its subsequent cancellation after the VAR warning that Suárez was offside. The referee waited on the other side of the earpiece and ended up going to the screen, which took a while to show the replay, to make the decision. Felipe needed attention for more than a minute and Carrasco's goal required another for confirmation. There were also six changes (three from Atlético were at half-time) that required adding three more minutes. Along the way, some Espanyol players (Darder, for example) needed assistance. All this would justify the 10 minute extension.

"There were many minutes, but I also never saw so much time lost in a match. You would have to look at what happened during the match," explained


after achieving the latest victory of his career.

Simeone observes Koke and De Tomás.Enric FontcubertaEFE

"It seemed very good to me because Espanyol lost a lot of time, there was VAR twice ... And, in addition, we managed to score in those 10 minutes," said


, one of the scorers in the afternoon, who took his heel for a walk. his boot to assist Lemar and achieve a triumph with a French accent.

"It may seem better or worse to me, but that is decided by the referee. Little will change with what he says. You rarely see 10 minutes in a game, but I am totally respectful. I hope it is the same when it interests us or comes in our favor ", launched

Vicente Moreno

, Espanyol coach, who saw his team run out of a prize at an inexhaustible noon in Cornellà.

Griezmann's discreet rentrée

From the bench, after almost an hour on the pitch, he returned to celebrate goals like rojiblanco

Antoine Griezmann

. His


was discreet. He started with Correa and Suárez. Simeone, faced with the mental jam (in attack and defense), shook his board after the break and the Frenchman felt somewhat more comfortable. His time ran out with the hug in the band to

Joao Félix

, the owner of the 7 that was his, chosen two summers ago to make Antoine forget. That is no longer any requirement for the Portuguese.

Joao did not decide against Espanyol.

Lemar did it, who saw how the VAR interrupted its first celebration, minutes after getting up from the bench.

And he did it, in addition, with his right leg, the least good of this closed left-hander, who for months has become one of the essentials on the Cholo slate.

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