"Volleyball Empress" Kim Yeon-kyung, who announced her retirement from the national team, told the story behind the Olympics for the first time since returning to Korea. He also shared his thoughts about returning to Korea.

Reporter Byung-min Yoo met.


Kim Yeon-kyung, who has been filming commercials in her spare time while spending time with her family after the Olympics, shared her experiences without hesitation, saying that she also shot real bread commercials as her nickname 'Bread Sister'.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / Former Women's Volleyball National Team: I've been waiting for a lot of bread commercials. I like it because it fits my image so well. (In the game) It's strange because I'm the character. I think it was a fun experience while doing the bread grenade.] 

Looking back on the myth of the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics, I remembered the thrill of the Korea-Japan match.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / Former Women's Volleyball National Team: I think it's the most thrilling moment when we won a comeback against Japan. Because it was a game that confirmed the quarterfinals.]

I will never forget the last moment when I announced my retirement from the national team with tears.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / Former Women's Volleyball National Team: I think the word retirement itself was a word that made me cry. Even now, thinking about it makes me a little bit sad.]

I asked for more support, saying that my juniors would wash away my concerns about the national team without Kim Yeon-kyung.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / Former Women's Volleyball National Team: There are a few players who will lead (the national team). I think the national team players will do well without me, and I will help out a lot from behind.]

Kim Yeon-kyung, who will join the Shanghai club in China next month on a one-year contract,

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Former women's volleyball national team: I can't. Chinese. All I can say is to ask for a cut.]

It was the first time I had expressed my stance on my actions, including


return to Korea.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / Former Women's Volleyball National Team: Because there is no such thing, the possibility is left open. This time I went to China to play, so please give me a lot of interest and support.]