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Good morning and welcome to this live blog.

We are Patrick Moeke and Kim Einder and we will keep you informed of all developments surrounding the Grand Prix of the Netherlands from the media center at Circuit Zandvoort.

Have fun!

  • LIVE:

  • Third free practice

  • 3 p.m.: 

  • Qualification

a few seconds ago


- Leclerc's car has now been towed away.

We are waiting for the green light.

a few seconds ago


- Sainz loses his Ferrari out of nowhere and slides into the so-called

ProTec barrier



That will be a big job for the Ferrari mechanics to get his car ready in time for qualification.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Sainz has crashed at Hugenholtz #F1 #DutchGP


AuthorMattzel89Moment of places10: 21 - September 4, 2021

a few seconds ago

CODE RED - Carlos Sainz is standing backwards in the Hugenholtz.

That was a big hit.

The Spaniard gets out unharmed.

a few seconds ago

Another 41 minutes

- Vettel shoots into the gravel.

At the exit of the Bend Without Name, he only just manages to keep his Aston Martin out of the crash barrier.

a few seconds ago

43 more minutes

- The track gets faster and faster.

Fernando Alonso jumps again to P1, just in front of Charles Leclerc who also improves his time.

The score:

  • Alonso (M) 1.11.705

  • Leclerc (M) 1.11.768

  • Norris (M) 1.11,900

  • a few seconds ago

    Another 45 minutes

    - Hamilton's answer is not long in coming.

    The Briton tops the times list again.

    The score:

  • Hamilton - 1,11,964 (S)

  • Alonso - 1,11,996 (M)

  • Gasly - 1.12.030 (M)

  • a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    Another 46 minutes

    - Fastest time Fernando Alonso!

    Alpine was also in good shape yesterday.

    With 1.11.996 he is slightly faster on medium than Hamilton on soft.

    a few seconds ago

    Another 48 minutes

    - A moment from Daniel Ricciardo who brakes when entering the Tarzan bend.

    He can continue on his way.

    a few seconds ago

    Another 50 minutes

    - Lewis Hamilton is doing well at Circuit Zandvoort.

    He is currently the fastest with 1.12.010.

    a few seconds ago

    Another 53 minutes

    - Verstappen is standing next to his car and will not be driving for the next few minutes.

    a few seconds ago

    Another 56 minutes

    - Hamilton has a lot of catching up to do after his engine problem yesterday.

    The Brit is immediately on the road.

    Verstappen usually only comes into action later in the session during the third practice.

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    No grid penalty Verstappen

    Max Verstappen will not be penalized for overtaking during a red flag situation on Friday during the second free practice of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands.

    According to the FIA, the Dutchman did not break any rules and ran off his gas on time.

    a few seconds ago

    Steady stream of visitors on their way to the circuit in Zandvoort

    A steady stream of visitors is currently on their way to the race track.

    There are hundreds of them and at first sight they keep a good distance from each other.

    People sit on high chairs along the route to see if everything is going according to the corona rules.

    If there is a threat of traffic jams, tell people to continue walking or just to wait.

    After it turned out to be too busy in the beach town during peak times yesterday morning, the walking route was already adjusted for the outflow of the event in the afternoon.

    This will also happen today, if it is too busy, Mayor David Moolenburgh said this morning.

    a few seconds ago


    - The third free practice for the Dutch

    Grand Prix

    is underway.

    a few seconds ago

    According to Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, Verstappen will not be punished.

    "It's okay. He will not be punished," Horner told the ANP.

    The track commissioners of the international motorsport federation FIA have not yet released an official decision.

    a few seconds ago

    The stands are full again today.

    Welcome to Zandvoort!

    🧡 #DutchGP 🇳🇱 #F1


    AuthorFormula 1Moment of places09: 25 - September 3, 2021

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    Meanwhile, the Formula 1 teams are preparing for the third free practice session, which starts at 12 noon.

    Soon ➡️ #FP3 #DutchGP


    AuthorAlpine F1 TeamMoment of places09: 47 - September 4, 2021

    a few seconds ago

    The 23-year-old Verstappen has been back in the Red Bull motorhome for a while.

    The decision of the FIA ​​could come any moment.

    a few seconds ago

    We just saw the first race at Zandvoort with Formula 3.

    What the drivers expected beforehand turned out to be true: overtaking is very difficult on this circuit.

    That will be no different in Formula 1.

    Arthur Leclerc (indeed, the younger brother of) took the win.

    a few seconds ago

    Red Bull boss Christian Horner said yesterday that he did not expect Verstappen to receive a sanction.

    Christian Horner on his way to the stewards.

    Said yesterday that he did not expect a sanction for Verstappen.

    "The other car was on a slow lap, Max on a fast one. It stopped almost immediately after the code red."

    #F1 #DutchGP


    AuthorPatrick MoekeMoment of places08: 52 - September 4, 2021

    a few seconds ago

    Verstappen is awaiting a possible grid penalty.

    The Dutchman had to report to the stewards this morning because he overtook Lance Stroll at high speed during the second free practice session at a red flag yesterday.

    The meeting at the FIA ​​did not last long.

    The verdict could come at any moment.

    a few seconds ago

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