Saki Takakuwa, who will participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Athletics Women's 100m, Prosthesis class qualifying for three consecutive Paralympic Games, marked a personal best tie of 13 seconds 43, but did not advance to the final with 5th place in one group. ..

Takakuwa said, "I'm sorry to say that I'm disappointed with the result. I knew before the race that I couldn't pass at this time, but I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the finals."

And, "It was a tournament where I really felt various things. I wanted to respond to the thoughts of the people who have spent the past five years and the people who supported me. Today, when I stood at the national stadium I wondered how happy I was to be able to stand at the stadium I longed for. "

On top of that, regarding this tournament, "While the pros and cons of holding the Olympics and Paralympics are divided, some people felt that the Paralympics were interesting on SNS. I think it will depend on success or failure. It may have been a breakthrough, but I think it would have been meaningful if there was something that could reach the people who saw it, "he said with tears.