Keisuke Kawamoto, Kazuki Takahashi, and Keiko Tanaka, who are ranked 7th in the world ranking in the class with the most obstacles in the Bocha Pair qualifying league that started on the 2nd of the Tokyo Paralympics, will face the first match and will be ranked 3rd in the world in Australia. I won 3 to 2.

Japan will play Hong Kong in this class after this.

Kawamoto "A strategy was made by looking ahead of the opponent's ball."

Kawamoto said, "It was a last-minute match, but it was a big win. It is said that we will communicate well, read the tip of the opponent's ball, formulate a strategy firmly, and realize it with high accuracy. I think it was a very good match. I'm really glad. "

Takahashi "I was able to fight with the feeling of winning at all ends."

Takahashi said, "Tanaka and Kawamoto scored well in the first end, so to avoid wasting it, I communicated well with Kawamoto and definitely won through all the ends. I was able to fight with this feeling. "

Tanaka "I was nervous but it was fun"

Tanaka said, "I was nervous but it was fun. I was able to communicate well."

Classes of disabilities other than cerebral palsy Japan loses first match

In Japan, which is ranked 19th in the world for disabilities other than cerebral palsy, Shun Esaki, Wataru Komitsu, and Akari Kimura faced the first match and lost to Hong Kong, which is second in the world, 1-7.

In this class, we will play against the Russian Paralympic Committee.