The qualifying league for the Tokyo Paralympics and Boccia groups began on the 2nd, and Japan, which is ranked 2nd in the world ranking aiming for the first gold medal, got off to a good start by winning 8-2 against Slovakia, which is 10th in the world in the first match.

Japan will play against Portugal and South Korea after this.

Captain Hidetaka Sugimura participated in the group following the individual who won the gold medal on the day, and said, "I'm glad I thought it was important to win the first match. Fujii decided a good ball, so I'm glad. That's where the team flowed. I want to continue to fight as a team in future games. "

Takayuki Hirose of Ace said, "Because winning the first match was a priority, I think it will be a plus in the future to be able to bring the team together to surely score one point at a time." I did.

Yuriko Fujii said, "I think I'm in good shape. I made some mistakes, but I'm glad I managed to win while supporting each other as a team."

Takumi Nakamura, who did not participate in the first match, recalled, "I was not in the match, but I was very nervous. However, I believed that my friends would do it and watched it warmly."