The first round of the top 12 is about to start

Detailed deployment of the National Football Team

  In the early morning of September 3, Beijing time, the national football team will face the Australian team at the Khalifa Stadium in Qatar. This is the first match of the national football team in the top 12 of the Qatar World Cup Asian qualifiers.

As the war is approaching, the preparations for the national football team have begun to "subtract."

  According to the rules of this game, the team must determine the 23-man roster 6 hours before the start of the game.

23 people are selected from the 32 people currently participating in the training camp. In fact, the coach Li Tie and the coaching staff have a rough answer for which players enter the big roster and which players start in the first match, but individual positions still need to be considered.

  There are currently no major injuries in the national football team, and Guo Tianyu and Wang Qiuming are still actively recovering.

Judging from the training situation in the past few days, Guo Tianyu is almost healed and has started ball training.

Wang Qiuming's recovery rate is a little slower, and he is still jogging.

In addition, during the training on August 30, Alan’s cardiopulmonary function had some problems. In order to protect the players, the coaching staff specially arranged for him to follow the rehabilitation teacher to perform physical recovery alone.

It is reported that Alan's situation is not serious, and it is estimated that he will be able to play in the national football game against the Australian team.

  Starting from the early morning of August 31, the national football team has entered the final stage of technical and tactical exercises.

Daily training is only open to the media for the first 15 minutes, and the coaching staff keeps the specific tactics strictly confidential.

Based on the analysis of the information disclosed by the players in the previous interview, the guiding ideology of the national football and the Australian team should be "mainly on me", with a high probability that the tactics of all offense and defense will be adopted.

For this reason, Li Tie also constantly communicated with the players during training, repeatedly communicated, and strived to put the tactics in place one by one.

  For example, the Australian team's top scorer in the previous 40 matches and the 1.98-meter central defender Sutta, it is certainly not easy to defend him.

The national football coaching staff has made targeted deployments, and the details of who is watching and who restricts their running routes are divided.

Goalkeeper Yan Junling said: "The coaching staff gave us very detailed information. His (Suta) characteristic is that he will come up when setting the ball, and he will still be behind in a normal game. For us, we need to lean closer to him when defending. , I will try my best to assist the guards.” Wang Shenchao revealed: “Lee’s request is that he does not want to see the guards defending and the forwards walking in front. He requires each player to run more than his teammates and more than his opponents. The overall play to limit the opponent."

  The battle is about to start, and the coaching staff is also actively helping the players adjust their mentality. These days before training, Li Tie will talk to the players individually. The players have also geared up, hoping to surprise everyone in the first game of the top 12. In this regard, Yan Junling said: "In fact, for this top 12 match, I think every player cherishes it very much and is very happy to enjoy such a game process. I want to say, whether it is me or the entire team, I am ready to face this powerful challenge and to prove the true level of my team in Asia." Our reporter Li Li