In the women's doubles semi-finals of the Tokyo Paralympics and Wheelchair Tennis, the pair of Yui Kamiji and Momoko Ohtani lost to the Dutch pair with a set count of 0 to 2, and went to the bronze medal match.

At the beginning of the first set, the pair of Uechi and Otani, whose movements seemed to be stiff, suffered from sharp shots by Deede Defloat, who ranked first in the world ranking in the opponent's women's singles, and made the first set 4-6. I dropped it with.

In the second set that followed, the match progressed according to the opponent's flow, and it was pushed out by 2-6 and lost with a set count of 0-2.

As a result, the pair of Uechi and Otani will aim to win the first medal in this event as a Japanese team in the 3rd place playoff.