Daniel Dias, who has won a total of 14 gold medals at the Paralympics and has announced his retirement at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, has entered the final race of his career in the men's 50-meter freestyle motor dysfunction class. ..

After the race, Diaz, also known as the "hero of Brazil," felt that he had shown the value of the Paralympics that "people are not defined by disabilities," and ended his competitive life.

Since birth, Diaz, who has a disability in both arms and right leg, has participated in the Paralympics for four consecutive tournaments since the Beijing Games, winning 14 gold medals and the highest total number of medals in swimming men's history 24. I will go up to the number.

At the Rio de Janeiro Games last time, when Diaz, known as the "hero of Brazil" who left a brilliant record, was held locally, he felt the social consciousness of seeing one person regardless of disability. It was a change of.

"The kids told me,'Daniel, you're a hero to me.' That kid didn't see my disability. He saw my strength, guts, and beliefs. What is it? In Brazil, this heritage is called an "intangible legacy."

It leaves behind this intangible legacy that moves the viewer through the Paralympics.

The 33-year-old great swimmer, who has already decided to retire from active duty at the end of this tournament, is in front of him trying to leave an intangible legacy through his appearance even in the pool in Tokyo, which was the final stage. He continued to show his full power in the race.

The 50-meter freestyle, which has won three bronze medals so far and will be the last race of active duty on the 1st. In the final, he showed his best swim to the end, which was not ashamed of the hero's name, and was unfortunately in 4th place, which did not reach the medal. I did.

After the race, Diaz said in an interview, "I'm very happy to have a good race. I think you understand that obstacles don't define us, and I think we were able to leave an intangible legacy at the Tokyo tournament." I talked with deep emotion even in a few words, and ended the competition life.