The finals of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, 100-meter track and field women's class, and wheelchair class were held, and Momoka Muraoka, a gold medalist at the Pyonchan Paralympics who is challenging the two swords of track and field and skiing, showed a strong run in 6th place.

Muraoka became a wheelchair at the age of four due to a spinal cord disease, started chair skiing in junior high school, and participated in the winter Sochi Paralympics alpine skiing in 2014.

At the last Pyeongchang Paralympics, he won five medals including gold and is called the "Winter Queen".

While continuing to ski, he challenged the dual wield style of wheelchair landing, and in that year he steadily improved his power by breaking the Japanese record at 100 meters.

Then, at the Tokyo Paralympics, the first summer tournament, I participated in the final of the women's 100-meter wheelchair class on the night of the 1st.

Muraoka jumped out at the start he was good at and ran in the lead group, but after the middle stage, he could not increase the speed and finished 6th with a time of 16 seconds 71.

Although he did not reach the personal best of 16 seconds 67 in Japan, he showed a fierce competition with the world's strongest players on the stage of the final that he was aiming for.

The gold medal was Zhou Zhaoqi from China with a time of 15 seconds 90 seconds.