Marcus Berg was one of the meritorious players who said goodbye to the national team after the European Championship play-offs.

The striker was a steady presence and cog player in Janne Andersson's starting elves and tactical approach.

- Those who play tomorrow have already been involved, so I place high demands on them to be able to solve both attacking and defensive games, says Janne Andersson.

"Two-way forward"

During his national team career, Marcus Berg was often defended by both leaders and teammates when he was criticized for not producing enough going forward.

- Marcus Berg scored many goals even though he developed a bit into a two-way forward.

The one he played with could afford to be a little more offensive.

We do not have that forward today, says Janne Andersson.

The strikers who have been selected for this national team gathering are: Alexander Isak, Dejan Kulusevski, Robin Quaison, Jordan Larsson and Isaac Kiese Thelin.

Isak and Kulusevski started together at the top in Sweden's latest match, against Ukraine.

In the match against Poland in the group stage, Isak started together with Robin Quaison.

It is likely that Janne Andersson will choose one of the two variants against Spain on Thursday.

CLIP: Janne Andersson's change before Spain

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Janne Andersson in training.

Photo: Bildbyrån