Soccer J2, Tokyo Verdy announced that Hideki Nagai has decided to resign on September 1st, saying "I feel strongly responsible for not being able to meet expectations."

Soccer J2, Verdy coach Nagai has led the team three years ago in the middle of the season and was 13th, and last season was 12th.

I was aiming to be promoted to J1 this season, but after 27 games, I was only in 11th place with 10 wins, 10 losses and 7 draws.

According to Verdy, Director Nagai offered to resign on the 1st, and the club accepted it.

Coach Takafumi Hori will take over as a provisional coach from the 1st as a successor.

Director Nagai commented, "I feel strongly responsible for not being able to meet everyone's expectations. Everything is my lack of power."

Verdy has set up a compliance committee with an outside lawyer to investigate Nagai's coaching, as some media reported that he had a power harassment-like act when coaching players. It is clear that.

Verdi says he has received a response from Director Nagai that he will continue to cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation.