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Hi everyone, currently finishing the meal, but I will come back to you very quickly with the team compositions in La Meinau.

Stay tuned!

The Olympic Games and the crazy transfer window of the Parisians gave us a little balm on our little bruised hearts at the beginning of summer.

But it is enough to see our Blues move towards a match that is apparently without history on the road to the 2022 World Cup to remember everything: Karim's two goals, Pogba's beating, and the absolute drama of these ten last minutes that ruined everything, before the shootout that we know.

Did the Blues take advantage of the summer to remember the way we defend together?

It will be necessary, because otherwise nothing has really changed.

Neither the men, nor the excitement we have to see Karim, Kylian, and Antoine again, doing dirty things with the opposing defense, while being afraid of what will happen when the ball is lost.

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