The Tokyo Paralympics is the 9th day of the tournament.

For Boccia, Hidetaka Sugimura, who advanced to the final for the first time in Japan, aims to win the gold medal.

I am planning to represent Japan.

(As of 9 pm on the 31st. The start time of the competition may change depending on the progress)


9:00 am Women's Individual W1 (limbs) 1st round (Aiko Okazaki)


9:30 am Mixed air rifle prone SH1 (motor function) Qualifying (Daisuke Sasaki / Yusuke Watanabe)

11:30 am Mixed air rifle Prone SH2 (motor function) qualifying (Mika Mizuta)

[Swimming] In the

swimming race, Keiichi Kimura will participate in the men's 100-meter breaststroke and visually impaired class. The Japanese ace, who won four silver and bronze medals at the previous Rio de Janeiro tournament, aims to win the gold medal that he missed at the previous tournament.

9:32 am Men's 100m


swim SB11 (visual) qualifying (Keiichi Kimura)

9:51 am Men's 200m individual medley SM9 (motor function) qualifying (Takuro Yamada)

10:00 am Women's 200m individual medley SM9 (motor function) qualifying (Utsugi) Mito)

10:23 am Women's 100m flat swim SB13 (visual) Qualifying (Ayano Tsujiuchi)

10:31 am Men's 50m free form S5 (motor function) Qualifying (Kaede Hinata)

[Table tennis]

10:00 am Women's group class 9-10 (Standing) Round 1 Japan-Poland

[Wheelchair Tennis] In

wheelchair tennis, a pair of Mitsuteru Moroishi and Koji Sugeno will participate in the 3rd place deciding match of the quad doubles and will play against the British pair. In the Quad event, we aim to win the first medal in the Paralympics.

11:00 AM Quad Doubles Bronze Medal Match (Mitsuteru Moroishi, Koji Kanno)

11:00 AM Women's Doubles Semifinals (Yui Kamiji, Momoko Ohtani)

11:00 AM Men's Singles Quarterfinals (Shingo Kunieda)


Momoka Muraoka will participate in the women's 100-meter wheelchair class on land.

Muraoka has been aiming to participate in the Tokyo tournament on land after winning five medals including gold, which is the largest number of Japanese athletes in the 2018 Pyeongchang Paralympics alpine skiing.

Attention will be focused on the first summer Paralympics of "dual wield" Muraoka.

11:43 AM Men's 100m T54 (Wheelchair) Qualifying (Tomoki Ikuma)

0:15 pm Women's 100m T54 (Wheelchair) Qualifying (Momoka Muraoka)

7:37 pm Women's 100m T12 (Visual) (Yuran Sawada)

[Goalball ]

3:00 pm Women's Quarterfinals Japan-Israel


6:00 pm Mixed Doubles SL3-SU5 (Standing) Qualifying League (Akiko Sugino / Daisuke Fujiwara)

6:40 pm Women's Singles WH1 (Wheelchair) Qualifying League (Sarina Satomi)

7:20 pm Women's Singles WH2 (Wheelchair) Qualifying League (Yuma Yamazaki)

8:00 pm Men's Singles SU5 (Standing / Arms) Qualifying League (Dayu Imai)

8:00 pm Women's Singles WH2 (Wheelchair) Qualifying League (Rie Ogura)

8:40 pm Women's Singles SU5 (Standing / Foot) Qualifying League (Ayako Suzuki)

8:40 pm Women's Singles SU5 (Standing / Foot) Qualifying League (Kaede Kameyama-Akiko Sugino)

8:40 pm Men's Singles WH1 (Wheelchair) Qualifying League ( Hiroshi Murayama)

9:20 pm Men's Singles WH1 (Wheelchair) Qualifying League (Osamu Nagashima)

9:20 pm Men's Singles SL3 (Standing / Foot) Qualifying League (Daisuke Fujiwara)


Boccia will have an individual final on the 1st, and Sugimura will play against Thai players in classes with mild disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

As an individual, the Japanese have never won a medal, and it will be interesting to see if they can decorate their first feat with a gold medal.

6:25 pm Individual BC2 (motor function) final (Hidetaka Sugimura)

[Sitting Volleyball]

8:30 pm Women's Qualifying League Japan-Canada

[Wheelchair Basketball]

8:45 pm Men's Quarterfinals Japan-Australia