In the first round of the Tokyo Paralympic table tennis and men's teams with disabilities in their arms and legs, Japan lost to Brazil 0-2 and did not advance to the quarterfinals.

At the Tokyo Paralympics table tennis, the first round of a class with disabilities in the arms and legs of a men's team was held, and Japan played against Brazil.

In the table tennis team competition, one doubles match and two singles matches will be played, and the team that wins the first two will win.

Masachika Inoue and Katsuyoshi Yagi made a pair to participate in the first doubles match.

The Japanese pair scored points 7 times in a row in the second game after the first game was stolen, Yagi's powerful shots, etc., and took the game 11-2.

However, after the third game, he was tossed by the rally that swung the ball to the left and right of the opponent and lost with a game count of 1 to 3 and lost this game.

Inoue participated in the singles of the second game, and it became a tangled development until the final fifth game.

The fifth game was also deuce with a tie of 10 to 10, but in the end, the game was robbed by 10 to 12, such as being hit by a powerful shot by the opponent, and Inoue was also defeated with a game count of 2 to 3.

Japan lost to Brazil 0-2 and did not advance to the quarterfinals.

Yagi "I want to come back again in some way"

Yagi said, "I've been fighting Inoue at international competitions and I'm very happy to be able to fight with the best partner on the best stage. Of course I wanted to win, but maybe I couldn't make a pair anymore. I was really enjoying each and every ball while thinking, "he said with tears.

He then recalled his first appearance at the Paralympics, saying, "It was a really wonderful place, but I found it difficult to win. I really felt how prepared I was to win."

He said, "I don't know if it's a player, a coach, or a different competition, but I want to enjoy this fun place again and come back in some way."

Inoue "I'm glad we were here together."

Inoue said, "I've been practicing to fight Yagi on this stage for a long time. I'm glad that we were able to stand here because of the corona sickness."

Also, regarding the singles entwined in the full game with the silver medalist of the Rio de Janeiro tournament, Israel Pere Illustro, who also played in the individual competition, "In the same development as the individual competition, one more point is farther than the number. At the end, I felt that I needed a style that I could do with confidence. "

He said, "I came to this tournament in my life as a table tennis player. I still wanted to play a match, but it will be a great asset for my life. I don't know if I'm aiming for the next or a new life, but here I'm proud to have set it up, "he recalled.