The Dutch volleyball players gained confidence on Wednesday with a convincing victory over Sweden in the last group match at the European Championship.

Avital Selinger's team, which had already qualified for the eighth finals, did not give up a set against the Scandinavians.

Germany will be the opponent in the next game.

The Netherlands initially lost a three-point lead in the first set against the number 34 in the world ranking and even faced an 18-17 deficit, but Selinger's team fought back and won the first set 21-25.

It was also not easy for the Dutch volleyball players in the second and third set, but again the global number four took the point in the final phase of each set.

After the 20-25 in the second set, the third set went to the Orange 13-25.

The Netherlands suffered its first defeat in the group stage of the European Championship against Turkey on Tuesday.

The team of national coach Giovanni Guidetti, who led the Orange to European Championship silver in 2015, was too strong for the Netherlands with 0-3.

Selinger's formation has already won against Ukraine (3-0), Finland (3-0) and Romania (3-1), so that the Orange finish with twelve points as number two in group D and number three in group B in the group. eighth finals meet: Germany.

That game is scheduled for Saturday.

The European Championship, which will be held in Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania, will last until September 4.

The Dutch volleyball players took silver at the 2015 and 2017 European Championships.

The last gold was won by the Orange in 1995.