The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) officially started looking for a new president these days.

This emerges from a letter from the spokesman for the umbrella organizations in the DOSB, Ingo Weiss.

Accordingly, the initial aim is to fill the “prominent office of president” from December onwards.

Anno Hecker

Responsible editor for sports.

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The incumbent President Alfons Hörmann had declared after the determination of the ethics committee of the DOSB that he wanted to resign at the general meeting in December.

An anonymous letter had previously spoken of a “culture of fear” in the DOSB.

In view of further criticism from functionaries, the ethics committee recommended a new election at the end of the year, including on Hörmann's management style.

Finding committee

The spokesman and steering groups of the DOSB now decided to set up a search committee with six to eight members from the sports associations (three), politics, from the church / NGOs, science and culture, the economy and the group of former top athletes (one each).

It is to be constituted at the beginning of September and, together with a personnel consulting agency, will find what it is looking for by mid-November.

It still seems unclear for what period of time Hörmann's successor will be elected. According to a "Personnel Working Group" in the DOSB, "the discussion" is based on a DOSB report in which there is talk of a "by-election" within the legislative period (2018 to 2022). The new, honorary leadership in the highest office of the DOSB would therefore only be elected for one year and would have to face the vote of the delegates again in 2022. Because under these conditions the willingness to inherit Hörmann would be low, a working group member suggested to give the "possible candidate security", "that the three groups of speakers would also stand behind him at the next regular general meeting". The DOSB report is opposed to the opinion that in December a presidium could until the end of the 2024 Olympics,that is, for three years, to be elected.