China News Service Client, Beijing, August 25. The China Table Tennis Association announced the list of athletes in the final stage of the 14th National Games of the 14th National Games through its official website on the 24th.

All the players representing the national table tennis team in the Tokyo Olympics are listed, and Grand Slam winner Ding Ning is absent.

  Among the three players representing the Chinese table tennis team who won the men’s team championship at the Tokyo Olympics, Ma Long of Beijing team and Fan Zhendong of Guangdong team will participate in the men’s singles, men’s doubles and men’s team competitions, while Xu Xin of the Shanghai team will participate in the men’s team. Singles, men's team and mixed doubles competition.

Olympic P card and Beijing team player Wang Chuqin also participated in the men's singles, men's doubles, and men's team competitions.

  For the national table tennis women's team, Shandong player Chen Meng will participate in the women's singles and women's team events, while the Guangdong team's Liu Shiwen will participate in the women's singles, women's team and mixed doubles events.

Sun Yingsha of the Hebei team and Wang Manyu of the Heilongjiang team will compete in four events including women's singles, women's doubles, women's team and mixed doubles.

Rio Olympic women's singles champion Ding Ning did not sign up for the competition.

  The Chinese Table Tennis Association has previously revealed that the National Table Tennis Team will not form a team to participate in the 2021 Asian Championships to be held in Qatar from September 28 to October 5.

The national table tennis players will immediately participate in the 14th National Games held in Shaanxi after completing the isolation for returning from the Olympics.

  Regarding the game arrangements for the national team in the second half of the year, Qin Zhijian revealed: "The Chinese Table Tennis Association plans to hold the 2021 Table Tennis Super League in October, and hopes to use the table tennis super platform to train young players." After that, the team will enter the Houston World Table Tennis Championships. Go in preparation for war.

The Houston World Table Tennis Championships will be held from November 23 to 29.

  After the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese table tennis team also started preparations for the Paris cycle.

Both Qin Zhijian and Li Sun expressed their hope that in the second half of the year, especially in the World Table Tennis Championships, the team's new and old players can start to compete again, and they also look forward to more young athletes.