The Belgian 3x3 basketball players have cheated with fictitious tournaments to reach the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

This was revealed on Wednesday from information in the hands of

De Standaard


According to the Belgian newspaper, the 3x3 basketball players organized 27 tournaments between August 31, 2019 and October 30, 2019 that would never have taken place.

Due to the fictitious results at the tournaments, the Belgians rose in the world rankings and qualified for qualifiers for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Two players who, according to data from the international basketball association FIBA, were active in many of those 27 tournaments, say they have not played any of those matches.

One of them, who wishes to remain anonymous, admits to having been approached by teammate Nick Celis, who is believed to be the originator of the plan.

Celis denies large-scale fraud

"I was approached in 2019 about those matches by Nick Celis," said the player.

"I didn't know what his intention was, but he asked if he could use my 3x3 account for FIBA."

Celis denies the large-scale fraud and states that the anonymous players are trying to blacken him.

The scoring for the world ranking of the 3x3 basketball players is quite complex.

FIBA looks at the points of the best 100 players in a country.

It is not clear how many points the Belgian basketball players have collected during the 27 fictitious tournaments, which were mainly played on public squares in Antwerp.

FIBA has not yet commented on the publication.

The Belgian 3x3 basketball players surprised at the Olympic Games in Tokyo with a fourth place.

The '3x3 Lions' lost the bronze medal to Serbia.

In the group stage, Belgium was still too strong for the Dutch 3x3 basketball players after overtime: 17-18.