[Concurrent] Tokyo Olympics badminton men's singles champion Ansailong

  Eating grapes does not spit out grape skins, but not eating grapes but spitting out grape skins.

  [Explanation] This person who reads tongue twisters fluent in Chinese is the champion of the men's singles badminton competition at the Tokyo Olympics this year-the badminton player Ansai Long from Denmark.

After the Olympic badminton competition, many Chinese netizens met such a world champion who not only has good skills, but also has a high level of Chinese.

Recently, China News Video conducted an exclusive interview with him.

  [Explanation] Ansailong said that he first came to China to train when he was 14 years old, and then went to China many times to compete. In the process, he gradually became interested in China and decided to learn Chinese.

  [Concurrent] Tokyo Olympics badminton men's singles champion Ansailong

  I think having the opportunity to play in China is the main reason, why I think China and Chinese are more interesting things.

Then I also think that Chinese badminton players and Chinese training methods are quite interesting, so this also gives me motivation to learn.

  [Explanation] After making up my mind to learn Chinese, Ansailong will take one hour of Chinese class every day, earnestly complete homework, and listen to the Chinese commentary while watching the badminton game. In this way, the Chinese level is getting higher and higher.

He told reporters that he currently has strong listening and speaking skills and is not very good at writing Chinese characters, but he can type.

  [Concurrent] Tokyo Olympics badminton men's singles champion Ansailong

  I think Chinese is a very difficult language, but it is also very interesting.

I think the one that interests me the most is Chinese characters.

I think Chinese characters are very interesting. The history and history of Chinese characters are also very interesting when I read them. How to say, not beautiful, but beautiful. I think it is beautiful. This character will be very interesting, so this may be the most important point.

And I think the part of one, two, three and four tones is also very interesting, because Danish does not have this.

  [Explanation] After the Olympics, Axelion’s Chinese proficiency made him “break the circle” quickly. He said that tongue twister videos have been widely disseminated on the Chinese Internet.

He was very happy about this.

  [Concurrent] Tokyo Olympics badminton men's singles champion Ansailong

  I heard that it was very popular, and it made me very happy, because I really hope that I can motivate more people who want to learn Chinese, because I think the most important thing is, if you are afraid to talk, it means whether it is tongue twister or For simpler things such as interviews, I think many people who learn Chinese are a little bit, they may feel afraid not to, because I think most Chinese people still have a lot of problems with my Chinese, but most of them are Chinese. People they respect (me) very much.

  [Explanation] Ansailong believes that learning Chinese is both fun and makes him happy.

His daughter was born in October 2020, and he also gave her a Chinese name-An Weijia.

  [Concurrent] Tokyo Olympics badminton men's singles champion Ansailong

  Of course, when talking to my wife, I speak Danish, but when talking to Anweijia, I use Chinese.

I hope I can lay a good foundation, and then I hope she can also learn Chinese in the future, because (learning Chinese) has brought me a lot of happiness.

  [Explanation] Ansailong said that although he likes Chinese culture very much and has been to China many times, he is always busy with training and competitions. Get a comprehensive understanding of this country.

  [Concurrent] Tokyo Olympics badminton men's singles champion Ansailong

  I hope I can travel to China after I retire. Generally speaking, when playing games in China, we are in a big city, but I really want to see the beach and the beautiful places in China, so I hope there will be Time.

  Reporter Wen Mengxin reports from Shenzhen, Guangdong

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