Former Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde revealed the scenes of the period he spent in the Catalan club and his exit from it in 2020.

Valverde was asked about Lionel Messi - who has now also left the Blaugrana - because there were rumors of many differences between him and the former Barca captain.

But he does not want to reveal what happened behind closed doors.

And Valverde continued - in a television interview - "I cannot say what happened, I will keep it confidential. It is better for people not to know what happened and to think that they know everything, it is better for people not to know the truth."

He also talked about his plans to return to training another team, and said, "I think it is possible to return to training again, but it must be a different and stimulating project."

He concluded, "After leaving Barcelona I needed some time to rest, I wanted to travel, but with the epidemic this was not possible, at the moment I am not clear about what I will do next."