According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, the maximum number of children watching the competition at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo is expected to be about 140,000 as of the 18th.

The opening in the approaching after 5 days, but not in a hurry to grasp the final number of people, in which infection is rapidly expanding, schools and parents of how much will scale of the one whole picture because there is a possibility to cancel in the judgment I can't see it.

According to the city's board of education, as of the 18th, about 132,000 public schools have indicated their intention to participate.

The breakdown is

▽ about 130,000 people from 8 municipalities out of 62 wards, cities, towns and villages in



▽ about 2000 people from 23 schools such as special schools and high schools in the metropolitan area.

The city's board of education has not disclosed the names of schools that it is currently coordinating and hopes to attend as it may change in the future.

In addition, the city explained that the number of children desired at private schools is less than 10,000, and the participation of the entire city is expected to be up to about 140,000, both public and private.

Before the Tokyo Games were postponed, about 900,000 children were scheduled to watch the competition at the Olympic and Paralympic venues in Tokyo.

Of these, the number of people who originally planned to see the Paralympics was not disclosed by the capital, but he explained that "it will be significantly less than the plan before the postponement."

The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education and others are rushing to grasp the final number of people, but as the infection spreads rapidly, there is a possibility that schools and children who wish to participate at the discretion of the school and parents will cancel on the day. about it.

With the opening of the Paralympics approaching five days later, we still don't have a complete picture of how big it will be in the end.

Infection control measures in Tokyo

The board of education in Tokyo will coordinate the places to get on and off around the competition venue and guide them to the venue as support for schools that use chartered buses to avoid the risk of children getting infected.

In addition, we will thoroughly manage the physical condition of children and take thorough measures such as spacing seats in the venue.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Superintendent of Education "Do not treat non-participating children as absent"

Regarding the efforts of children to watch the competition at the Paralympic Games, Yuji Fujita, the superintendent of education in Tokyo, announced at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly on the 19th that children and students who do not go to the venue without the consent of their parents will not be treated as absent. I did.

Children who do not go to the venue will be provided with a separate opportunity to work on issues related to the Olympics and Paralympics.