What is required for Sweden to make a good result at the European Championships, where it has not participated for a full 38 years?

The opening match against Finland is fast approaching, and SVT's expert has listed factors that could be decisive.

1. Isabelle Haak

"Bella" needs to play at the top to support the Swedish team.

She will probably be extra tagged in the meeting with Turkey where she will face her club team coach and meet several of her club mates in the Turkish champions Vakifbank.

2. Servepress

Sweden needs to start the game with a sharp serve and is happy to take points directly on the serve and otherwise to disrupt the opponents' attacking play, get their players off the net and facilitate their own block and defensive play.

That way you can then turn the game around and take your own attack points.

3. Patience

It will sometimes be difficult, and there are periods where you may lose 4-5 points and the players feel that what usually works does not work against this type of resistance.

It is then important that they keep their composure and patience to work their way back into the match and dare to be aggressive when given the opportunity.

In the qualifiers we got to see some fantastic turns, so they know they have that ability. 

4. Enjoy the moment

Sweden needs to enjoy the fact that, for the first time in 38 years, they are participating in a European Championship. They have worked hard for many years and we must remember that Sweden is a small volleyball country that other European countries have now suddenly opened their eyes to. Energy, joy and team spirit can go a long way for the girls!