The Takano Ren = Japan High School Baseball Federation and others announced a new schedule in response to the fact that the first game was no game and the second game was canceled due to bad weather on the 19th, and the final will be held on the 29th. rice field.

4 games on the 20th

On the 20th, there were 4 games in total, 1 game in the 1st round and 3 games in the 2nd round, and the 1st game was a no game on the 19th. Will be done.

The second game was canceled on the 19th, the second round of the high school attached to Nishi-Nippon Junior College in Fukuoka vs. the high school attached to Nishogakusha University in East Tokyo.

And the third game is Kagoshima's Shonan High School vs. Mie High School.

The fourth match is Niigata's Nihon Bunri High School vs. Fukui's Tsuruga Kehi High School.

21st 2nd round 4 games

On the 21st, there will be four games in the second round, and the first game will be Hirosaki Gakuin Seiai High School in Aomori vs. Iwami Chisuikan High School in Shimane.

The second match is Saitama's Urawa Gakuin vs. Japan Oyamagata High School.

The third match is Nitta High School in Ehime vs. Japan Aviation High School in Yamanashi.

The fourth game is Chiben Gakuen in Nara vs. Yokohama High School in Kanagawa.

22nd 2nd round 4 games

The 22nd is also 4 games in the 2nd round.

The first match is Akita's Meioza High School vs. Kochi's Meitoku Gijuku High School.

The second game is Hyogo's Kobe International University High School vs. Yamaguchi's Takagawa Gakuen.

The third match is Nagasaki Commercial High School vs. Chiba Senshu University Matsudo High School.

The fourth game is Okinawa Shogaku High School vs. Morioka University High School in Iwate.

The last match of the second round on the 23rd

The final match of the second round will be held on the 23rd, and the winners of Osaka Toin High School and Ohmi High School and Nihon University Tohoku High School, where the match will be held on the 20th, will play against each other.

Subsequent dates

After that, the third round will be held for two days on the 24th and 25th, the quarterfinals will be held on the 26th, the semifinals will be held on the 28th with a day off, and the final will be held on the 29th.

Due to the change in the summer national high school baseball schedule, the final of the women's high school baseball national tournament, which will be held for the first time at Koshien Stadium, has also been postponed from 22nd to 23rd.