Frida Karlsson, who earlier in her career was stopped from competing when she did not meet the Swedish Ski Association's health requirements.

This time, the team around Karlsson chooses to pull the handbrake earlier:

- In recent weeks, Frida has not responded to the training as expected.

The work physiology tests that have been carried out have shown that Frida is heavily burdened and needs recovery.

From experiences we have gained from the previous year, we therefore choose to enter a period of recovery.

There are no medical deviations around this decision, but the decision is based on the fact that she will not have medical consequences, says Per Pliggen Andersson.

There is no plan for when Frida Karlsson will be back in competition.

-I have felt tired and overloaded lately.

Now health must go first and it feels like a sad but wise decision now that it has been made, says Frida

ARCHIVE: How Frida Karlsson should avoid injuries (June 23, 2021)

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Frida Karlsson.

Photo: Bildbyrån