Urawa Reds of soccer J1 said that in June, one player who was not qualified to participate in the league match was punished by the league, and this match was defeated 0-3. "There is an error in the situation," he said.

Urawa Reds of soccer J1 had one unqualified player participate in the match against Shonan Bellmare in June, and the match was lost 2 to 3.

The J.League Disciplinary Commission has blamed the club for this, noting that it was not a deliberate violation.

In addition, he did not recognize the Reds' score in this match and decided to lose 0 to 3, but the Reds appealed to the Japan Football Association committee that "the application of the disciplinary rules is incorrect". It was revealed that the case was filed with the CAS = Court of Arbitration for Sport because it was not approved.

The Reds said, "We are responsible for the deficiencies in the procedure, we will reflect on them, and we will accept the appropriate dispositions." If the same thing happens to the club, it could lead to a big situation that affects the foundation of the club. "