• The youtubeur and PSG fan Doumé Sama has launched a crazy bet if Messi signed for PSG: make Marseille-Paris with the ball at his feet and arrive at the Parc des Princes.

  • After eight days of walking (and a few struggles on the way), the Parisian supporter has indeed succeeded in his bet.

  • Welcomed by PSG on his arrival in front of the stadium on Wednesday, he was given a Messi shirt before posing in front of the club's goal for posterity.

Messi is well worth a bet. As in 2017 with the surprise arrival of Neymar at PSG, some supporters of the club in the capital have launched a little crazy bets in case Leo Messi joins Paris this summer. But this time, no naked descent of the Champs Elysées on a scooter. No, this year, the YouTuber Doumé Sama, a former PE teacher who has become a creator of sports videos on the Internet, has opted for a very, very sporting bet.

By responding to a tweet from our colleagues at Footmercato, he indeed promised that he would make the trip Marseille-Paris ball to the foot if the Argentine star landed in the capital.

Sure that it will not happen, the one who has already launched some challenges in video to professional footballers (Benjamin Pavard, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang) wanted to be quite serene.

Until the moment when it was necessary to face the facts: Messi signed to PSG, it was then time to honor his word.

Thus, after an eight-day journey, Doumé Sama and his friend Alex arrived (flushed) in front of the Parc des Princes.


20 Minutes

, he agreed to come back to this somewhat crazy adventure that he will not soon forget.

I'm driving Marseille to Paris to come see him play at the Park.


- Boumé さ ま 🌖🌍 (@BoumeSama) August 5, 2021

What do you say to yourself when you see your photo appear on the tweets of the official PSG account?

It makes no sense !

Four days ago, PSG announced Leo Messi, there they announce Boumé on their Twitter account, it's completely lunar (laughs)!

When you make this bet, you absolutely do not believe that Messi is going to sign, do we agree?

Yeah I confirm (laughs)!

For me it was yet another blow of pressure, yet another attempt on the part of Messi to renegotiate a salary increase with Barça.

I also thought that one of the players in this file was going to cede ground to the other, whether it be La Liga, Barça or the Messi clan, and that everything would be in order.

In the end I did not think about it when I launched this bet since I was convinced that it would not happen.

And when it does, what dominates?

The excitement of knowing that Messi is going to play for PSG or rather the side "thin, will really have to hit Marseille-Paris on foot"?

Let's say it's a bittersweet sensation.

Sweet because it's an incredible happiness to see Messi sign in Paris and bitter because indeed, at the time, I said to myself "shit, I'm going to have to walk!


When do you tell yourself that you have no more choice?

From the moment I saw Messi at Le Bourget with the “Here is Paris” t-shirt, I said to myself “well, let's go! ". As I had never walked such a long distance in such a short time, I went to see a specialist called YaniSport on Instagram [a physical training instructor, as he describes himself on Insta] and who to me. gave a lot of essential advice to be able to carry out the adventure in complete safety. At the start I wanted to know if it was possible. He explained to me that it would be playable if I did it by setting up a bonus system. Basically, subscribers would throw me little challenges, like juggling a mile without dropping the ball or going around the world every 50m for a mile, and if I succeeded, I earned the right to do 20 to 30 minutes of car ride.Anyway, afterwards I called Decathlon to see if they were keen to advise me and equip myself, since I had no idea what gear was needed for such a walk. Once equipped, I took the train tickets to Marseille and I left with my friend Alex who accompanied me from start to finish.

Where did you start from in Marseille?

Did you have the Paris jersey on your back?

I left the Old Port.

I did the intro of my video from Notre-Dame de la Garde with the Paname jersey on my back but afterwards I took it off seeing that I went to have a bite in town before the start and that I wanted to avoid to have the Paname jersey on your back in the middle of the Old Port (laughs)!

Do we agree that you didn't do Marseille-Paris in its entirety by walking?

No no !



on foot, I was told that it would have taken me twelve days.

So I opted to do stages, but I was still doing between 50 and 70 km per day, which is not bad.

I walked twelve to fourteen hours a day and the rest of the time was spent resting and recovering.

During the day my community sent me challenges and I tried to meet one a day.

On arrival, with this system of challenges and bonuses, I reduced the adventure from twelve to eight days.

But I was under pressure, it was out of the question to miss these challenges because I knew that behind it would allow me to breathe a little and move forward in the car.

It was my test of comfort to me you can say!

At no time did you say to yourself "but what did I get into?"


At one point we almost cracked with all the equipment we had on our backs, which were very heavy, but one of my subscribers offered to help us.

He came to meet us on the road with his car, he invited us to eat and sleep at his place, we were able to shower and regain our strength, it was cool, and the next day he dropped us off again and he followed us in the car with the bags in the trunk.

On arrival, he left us alone to do our walking days and he met us at the end of each stage.

It was good because he was also there in case of a big galley, if we ran out of water or stuff like that.

Never been so happy to be at the Choisy le Roi station 😂 pic.twitter.com/ejcbMXyqag

- Boumé さ ま 🌖🌍 (@BoumeSama) August 18, 2021

Did you sleep in a tent at night where you could find room to rest?

Every evening we pitched the tent yes.

It also happened to us to sleep in the car, all three crowded together, when there was no way to put the tent somewhere.

But I preferred the tent, by far!

Have you never nearly cracked and stopped everything?

Yes, the second day I injured my shoulder and I thought it was going to be difficult to continue with the bags on my back. And at the end, too, there was a complicated day. Already because of some not very nice messages on social networks, people who bothered us because they did not understand that we are moving so quickly [compared to the bonus system]. Then I broke the camera so it was no longer possible to film anything. Fortunately, someone came to bring us another one and we were able to continue filming. And always in the same day, I was electrocuted while trying to step over the fence of an enclosure… At that moment I had a big blow less well, I had the impression that all the elements were working hard,I no longer took pleasure in doing that and I wondered if it was really worth the hard work. But I received a lot of messages of support on the networks and it gave me a lot of strength to start again.

Did PSG know about this crazy challenge?

No I was not in contact with them at any time, they were not aware of my bet.

It was just when I arrived in front of the Park, I had just bought Messi's jersey at the store and I was responding to an interview with your colleagues, that a member of the club came to see me to tell me that 'I was expected in front of the Park.

They offered me a jersey, they took the one I had just bought to try to get it signed by Messi and we took pictures to put them on the PSG account.

Did he finally sign it for you?

Not yet no, I hope it can be done to complete the loop.

After that, I didn't do all that for that, it wasn't that idea that made me move forward.

If I don't have it, that's okay.

A huge 𝐁𝐑𝐀𝐕𝐎 to you, @BoumeSama!


Bet raised hands down!

👏👏👏 pic.twitter.com/BFzQnETjxs

- Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_inside) August 18, 2021

Was it hard in the end?

Yeah, there was about 5 or 6 kilometers left, I walked with the ball in my foot and there I received like a stab in the adductors, it was violent!

I even thought it was dead.

It was my body telling me "fat, there you are at the limit, if you keep pushing it will blow up".

In the end, I massaged myself and I was able to finish.

When I arrived at the Park I collapsed directly on the red carpet, I was burnt out, completely KO.

KO but happy at the idea that it is finally over, I tell myself that I will be able to go home to find my wife, shower, sleep in a real bed.

On the last kilometers, at every turn we hoped to see the Park.

And when we saw Jean-Bouin then the Park appearing in the distance, it was liberation!

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