Woo Sang-hyuk, who took fourth place by setting a new Korean record in the high jump at the Tokyo Olympics, resumed training after self-isolation. We talked about our bigger dreams while remembering the Olympic Games that were more enjoyable than anyone else.

Correspondent Ha Seong-ryong.


Woo Sang-hyeok, who returned to Yecheon, where he trained every year, saw the Olympic video he had seen and watched since self-isolation at the training ground again


I remembered the excitement of that day.

[Woosanghyeok / High Jump National: falling asleep while watching encounter (Olympic video), I did report meet 'high jump ll movie yireomyeonseo]

missed the even set up a Korea record 2cm away medals,

[woosanghyeok / Vault National team: okay ~

very fine It was.

[Woo Sang-hyeok/High Jump National Team: Actually, I can't remember the word 'It's okay'. Wow, this came out unconsciously.]

After the Olympics, his status has changed drastically.

The number of SNS followers jumped 20 times more than before, and he became a 'SNS friend' with his idol, Athens Olympic gold medalist Stefan Holm.

[Woo Sang-hyeok/High Jump National Team: I got a message from Holm. Saying 'Congratulations'... . I don't think I've ever been happier than that.]

After a dreamlike time, Woo Sang-hyuk designed Paris three years later.

He announced that he would rise to the podium by raising his Korean record by 3 cm with a goal of 2m 38, a place 50cm taller than his height, called the 'dream height'.

[Woo Sang-hyuk / National High Jump Team: It is not a saying for nothing that dreams come true. The dream of Paris is actually to win. Whether I win a silver or bronze medal, I think everyone will be happy. It could be a historic day. Let's go~woo!]

(Video coverage: Hojun Choi, Video editing: Jeongtaek Lee)