Japanese star Ohtani, who doubles as a pitcher in the major leagues, performed a one-man show with his 40th home run and winning pitcher.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


Ohtani, who was the number one hitter and starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, first overpowered the Detroit batters on the mound.

A high-speed ball with a maximum speed of 159 km/h and a forkball with a speed exceeding 140 km/h were the frontrunners in the strikeout show.

He also spewed fire at the plate.

In the eighth inning, leading 2-1, he drew a large arch that felt a home run at the right moment, putting the wedge into the game.

He became the first left-handed hitter to hit the 40-home run mark of the season.

[Local broadcaster: Ohtani's 40th home run! Hahaha. He throws a great pitch on the mound for 7 innings and blows the ball far away at bat.]

Ohtani, who took the lead in home runs by increasing the gap with second-placed Guerrero Jr. He raised his eighth win and lowered his ERA to 2.79.

For the first time in 103 years since Babe Ruth, she came close to double-digit wins and double-digit home runs.

Tampa Bay's Ji-man Choi led the team to a three-game winning streak by scoring multiple RBIs in multiple hits against Baltimore.

(Video editing: Nam Il, CG: Lee Ah-reum)