As a general rule, it was decided that the Tokyo Paralympics would be held without spectators at all venues, but there were voices from people who support the participating athletes calling for more thorough infection control measures.

Mr. Takutetsu Isa, who is the representative of a training facility specializing in people with spinal cord disorders in Koto-ku, Tokyo, has been a wheelchair tennis player Shingo Kunieda since 14 years before the facility opened, even though he himself has a spinal cord disorder. We have supported many para-athletes such as Aiko Okazaki of Para Archery.

Mr. Isa has hoped that the tournament will be held after seeing para-athletes with underlying diseases such as respiratory illness making efforts while taking measures against infection more than humans.

Mr. Isa said, "Many athletes have underlying illnesses, and if they become infected, there is a high risk of becoming seriously ill. Therefore, I want you to create a stage where athletes can play an active role after taking more measures against infection than in the Olympics. "