Shogo Akiyama of the Major League Baseball Reds contributed to the team's victory with two hits and two RBIs in the Phillies match held in Philadelphia, the home of the opponent, on the 15th.

Akiyama entered the center from the first defense and hit a two-base hit with the runners first and second bases in the third inning, leading one point, and the two returned home.

The second at bat in the 5th inning was a foul fly to the left, and the third at bat in the 7th inning was a strikeout, but in the 4th at bat in the 9th inning, he hit in front of the center.

The Reds won the game 7-4, and Akiyama had 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 4 at bats, with a batting average of 20%, 2 minutes and 1 RBI.