The torch that will be lit at the Tokyo Paralympics, which will start on the 24th of this month.

From the 12th, "fire collection" has begun at 880 locations nationwide to collect flames by taking advantage of the characteristics of the region.

Iwate Otsuchi Town From "Light of Hope" wishing for reconstruction

In Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, the torch was lit from the "Light of Hope," which is said to be a wish for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

At Joyama Park in Otsuchi Town, a fire ceremony was held in front of the "Light of Otsuchi Hope", which was separated from Kobe City, which was damaged by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, in the hope of mourning and reconstruction. A local athlete, Tatsumi Kurosawa (61), held the torch and took the fire.

Mr. Kurosawa suffered damage such as the total destruction of his home due to the earthquake, but he continued to practice and finished fourth in competitions such as shot put at the National Sports Tournament for the Disabled three years ago.

Mr. Kurosawa said, "10 years and 5 months after the earthquake, the light of hope that was hoped for the reconstruction of Otsuchi Town will become a torch, and I hope that the players will do their best." ..

From Yamagata Risshakuji Temple "Immortal Law Light"

In Yamagata Prefecture, the fire was lit at Risshakuji Temple in Yamagata City, which is commonly known as "Yamadera".

At Risshakuji Temple, the fire was lit from the "immortal lantern," which is said to have been burning for about 1200 years, and when the fire from the lantern was transferred to the lantern by the chief priest Masada Kiyohara, the gathered people applauded. rice field.

Mr. Kiyohara said, "I am very happy that this fire, which is said to be the light of hope that illuminates the world, is used, and I hope that the Paralympics will be a great success."

Nagano Ueda Traditional "Maigiri-shiki"

In Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, a fire ceremony was held with no spectators, including Mr. Fukutaro Yamazaki, who was born in the city and participated in the Sochi Paralympics alpine skiing held in 2014.

In the ceremony, the fire was taken by a method called the traditional "Maigiri-shiki", in which a wooden stick with a string was rotated and rubbed against the board underneath to create a pilot fire.

Mr. Yamazaki said, "I was nervous because it was an unfamiliar method. I am relieved to be able to start the fire safely. I look forward to the success of the athletes at the Paralympics."

From the flames of Gomaki in Izumisano 1000, Osaka

In Osaka, a fire ceremony was held at a temple in Izumisano City at Inunaruyama Shipporyuji Temple in Izumisano City, and about 20 temple practitioners performed the ceremony.

Approximately 1000 goma trees with citizens writing their support for athletes and wishes for a symbiotic society, such as "Peace at the Paralympics" and "Go for it," will be prepared and thrown into the fired goma platform. did.

High smoke rose with the flames, and the trainees and officials prayed for the Paralympic Games to be held safely.

And at the end of the ceremony the fire was transferred to the lantern.

Make a pilot fire with Kagoshima flint

In Kagoshima Prefecture, the matchlock gun preservation society of Tanegashima, which is known as the place where guns were introduced, set fire using flint.

A member of the Matchlock Preservation Society struck a flint to set a pilot fire and breathed in to light it.

Then, the fire caused by Governor Shioda was transferred to the lantern.

After that, members of the Preservation Society showed off the art of actually shooting a matchlock gun with a simulated bullet, and prayed for the success of the tournament.

Kiyonobu Fukui, Chairman of the Tanegashima Matchlock Preservation Society, said, "I am grateful that you chose a matchlock gun as a representative of Kagoshima Prefecture, and I am relieved that the fire is on. I wish you the success of the Paralympics." ..

Okinawa Nago From the torch stand of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics

The torch relay in Nago City was held at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay in the Kayo district, where the "Torch Stand" used to keep the fire on at night remains.

Approximately 20 people from the city and local people participated, and Mr. Tamhiro Nakamura (74), who was a torchbearer at the time, collected fire from the torch stand with a torch and lit it with a lantern.

Mr. Nakamura, who caught the fire, said, "I am delighted to be involved in the Tokyo Olympics 57 years ago as a torchbearer and to participate in this Paralympic Games. I want you to do your best to reach it. "

[Flow of Paralympic torch relay]

8 / 12-16: 43 "Fire" and "Departure" in prefectures

8 /


: Fire and relay in 4 prefectures (Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Shizuoka) where competitions are held (Relay in Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo) discontinued) of

8/20: "Atsumarihishiki" in Tokyo's Akasaka State Guest House residence.

One with the flames lit in Stoke Mandeville, England, where the Paralympics originated.

8 /


Ignition Ceremony in

Tokyo 8/24: Tokyo Paralympic Opening Ceremony Ignite the torch stand

From 17th of this month, the torch relay was scheduled to be held in the four prefectures where the competition will be held, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it was decided to cancel the relay on public roads in Chiba, Saitama and Tokyo. An ignition ceremony will be held.

On the other hand, in Shizuoka Prefecture, it is a policy to relay on public roads only in the section of about 4 km between Omaezaki City and Kikugawa City, where priority measures such as prevention of spread are not applied.

The torch that arrived in Tokyo will be lit to the torch at the opening ceremony on the 24th, after a fire collection ceremony to collect the fires from the United Kingdom, which originated in the Paralympics, and the fires from all over the country on the night of the 20th. ..

Concept "Share Your Light"

The Paralympic Torch Relay will be held based on the IPC = International Paralympic Committee's philosophy that "The Paralympic torch belongs to everyone, and the enthusiasm of all who support the Paralympics gathers to create the torch."

The Tokyo Paralympic Torch is a fire that embodies the Paralympic Games' thoughts on a symbiotic society. The concept is "Share Your Light". We aim to realize a symbiotic society with this tournament as an opportunity to think about a "new partnership" between people and people and society.