Interviews with related parties that Goto's gold medal will be exchanged for a new one due to a series of criticisms that Mayor Kawamura of Nagoya City bit the gold medal won by Miu Goto in the softball of the Tokyo Olympics. I understand.

Mayor Kawamura of Nagoya City suddenly took off his mask and bite the gold medal when pitcher Goto from Nagoya, who won the gold medal in the softball of the Tokyo Olympics, visited the city hall on August 4 and got the medal around his neck. rice field.

Immediately afterwards, the city of Nagoya was criticized for this act, and the next day, Mayor Kawamura apologized, saying, "I am keenly aware that it is an extremely inappropriate act and should be scrutinized." If so, I would like you to reissue the medal. I would like to discuss with the people concerned. "

According to the people concerned, in response to this situation, the IOC = International Olympic Committee, JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee, and related organizations such as the Tokyo Organizing Committee coordinated, and as a result, pitcher Goto's gold medal was exchanged for a new one. It means that it was decided to do.

Since Pitcher Goto has also agreed to the exchange, the exchange will be carried out through the necessary procedures in the future.