Korea won the first medal in the modern pentathlon at the Tokyo Olympics a little while ago.

Ung-tae Jeon of Korea won the bronze medal in the all-around event in five events: swimming, fencing, horseback riding, track and field, and shooting in one day.

Correspondent Lee Jeong-chan.


Two days ago, Jin-Hwa Jeong and Woong-Tae Jeon, who raised expectations by placing in the top 10 side by side in the fencing ranking round, took the lead in the first event of swimming today (7th) and started vigorously for the medal.

Jinhwa Jeong, who gained additional points in the second event of fencing, climbed to second place in total, and Woongtae Jeon finished eighth.

We had to ride randomly assigned horses, so even in the most variable riding, our athletes performed well.

Jin-hwa Jeong, who had previously refused to jump over the obstacle, climbed into second place almost perfectly, and Woong-tae Jeon climbed into fourth place even though he rode a relatively difficult horse, only once caught on the obstacle.

In a situation where even an accompanying medal was possible, we bet a match in the last event, 'Laser Run', which combines shooting and running.

According to the combined results of the preceding events, 2nd place Jin-hwa Jeong started 12 seconds later than Joseph Chung of the UK and 4th place Jeon Woong-tae started 28 seconds later.

After the second shot, the two runners started running side by side, closely chasing Jin-hwa Jeong, who had started earlier.

Jeon Woong-tae made use of his last shot.

He took a deep breath and hit exactly five feet, beating the runner who came in ahead of him and finishing in 3rd place in the last 800m run.

By keeping this ranking to the end, Ung-Tae Jeon recorded the first medal in Korean modern pentathlon history.

Jinhwa Jeong came in 4th and added meaning.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-chul, video editing: Kim Byung-jik)