Saturday August 7 - day 15

The French program

And what a program!

It's simple, three teams from France are engaged in an Olympic final this Saturday.

The first is that of Vincent Collet in basketball, at 4:30 in the morning (yes, it will be necessary to be strong to stuff it).

The Blues are defying revengeful Americans.

The last two matches in official matches have been won by France.

Never two without three ?

The other two finals, in men's hand (against Denmark) and men's volleyball (against Russia) will take place almost simultaneously at the beginning of the afternoon.

It will be necessary either to make a choice, or to see double.

We will not forget to take a look at the other disciplines and in particular the C1 canoe, where Adrien Bart, excellent in the playoffs, said he was in good shape before the semi-finals.

The modern pentathlon is back on track tomorrow with the Valentins, Belaud and Prades team.

The star of the day

How not to mention the name of Kevin Durant?

Leader with the Nets, leader with Team USA, the American winger has taken responsibility since… the inaugural defeat against France, against whom he had scuttled a little by committing an incalculable number of faults.

But this time, the guy is back in his tournament and something tells us that it will not be the same story on Saturday.

The medal we want to believe in

That of the French tandem Benjamin Thomas and Donovan Grondin on the American race, because we want to see French track cycling smile after the chocolate medal of the first named on the omnium in the middle of the week.

It would be a nice revenge for friend Benji.

The reading board

Inevitable, this live paper from Tokyo on the thorny modern pentathlon riding event.

At each Olympiad, it's the same.

Favorites and sideburns are breaking their teeth there because they fall on a capricious horse.

But is it just a matter of luck in the lottery?

Not really.


Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: "It's not all luck either", but why the horses of the pentathlon made everyone fall?

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