In the individual horse jumping, Peder Fredricson took the Olympic silver while Henrik von Eckermann and Malin Baryard-Johnsson finished in fourth and fifth place respectively.

In today's team competition, everyone stood for flawless efforts when they secured a place in the final.

First out of the Swedes were Henrik von Eckermann and King Edward.

They managed the course without any problems and rode in as the first crew to clear the course.

- It was a perfect round.

That was important to me.

I had a day where I had to swallow a little.

But to get together now and ride this, after the disappointment in the individual, it feels very good, says Henrik von Eckermann to

- Tomorrow is a completely new day, completely new cards.

Then it does not matter what we did, only that we qualified.

But I'm glad I gave the rest of the team a good start.

Then we can hope that it lasts all the way, von Eckermann continues.

The next Swede was Malin Baryard-Johnsson with the horse Indiana.

They also managed the track without a single boom falling.

Last out was the silver medalist in the individual competition, Peder Fredricson.

He followed the example of the others and passed the course flawlessly together with his horse All in.

The final kicks off tomorrow Saturday at 12.00.

CLIP: Peder Fredricson takes Olympic silver (August 4)

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Peder Fredricson took Olympic silver. Photo: TT