Decathlon world champion Niklas Kaul has given the all-clear after his dramatic exit at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The painful ankle injury that the 23-year-old sustained during the high jump and which forced him to give up in the 400-meter run was not found to be serious after a thorough medical examination.

“Magnetic resonance imaging confirmed our assumption.

The ankle was squashed when he jumped over 2.11 meters, "said the German medical association doctor Andrew Lichtenthal:" Thank goodness nothing tore, and there was no fracture.

He now needs rest, and after a few weeks he can put full weight back on his foot. "

Kaul himself was disappointed the day after the end, but combative.

“If you have to give up because of an injury after two best performances in the first four disciplines during your first Olympic participation, then it is extremely bitter," said the Mainz native: "Of course, the fact that the injury happens when jumping over a best performance also ensures a roller coaster of emotions. "

He now has to process what has happened “now and give my body the necessary rest. When the foot is fully resilient again, training for the World Championships in Eugene and the European Championships in Munich will begin, "said Kaul:" I'll probably have to save the goal of the Olympic medal for Paris. I will still go to the stadium tonight and keep my fingers crossed for the others. "