Experts describe the list of 27 players chosen by the coach as "the best" and confirm:

7 technical goals for Marvik in Serbia camp, most notably the installation of the basic elements

  • The national team is camping in Serbia in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers.

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Athletes confirmed that the technical staff, led by Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk, will focus during the first phase of preparing the national football team for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, on achieving seven basic technical goals, which are to get to know more about the players who were chosen to travel to the camp, and to create more Harmony between the players, getting closer to them, examining the physical condition of the players in general, and their readiness, strengthening some of the things that need more development, identifying some tactical aspects and addressing some of the errors and negatives that accompanied the last period, and focusing more on the basic elements that have proven their existence. In the last period, and working to find alternatives and solutions in the event of injuries among the players.

The team will play in Group A along with the teams of South Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and begins its journey in the final round with the last meeting on the second of next September.

And they told "Emirates Today": "The players who were selected in the final list within the expanded list that included 29 players, are the best and most prepared, and they have proven their worth during the last period."

Marvik had chosen 27 players to travel to the external camp in Serbia, which starts from today until the 13th of this month.

The former Olympic team coach, Ali Ibrahim, said that "the elements that were chosen to travel to the Serbia camp are the best, after they have proven their worth in the last period," noting that "Coach Marvik seeks through the Serbia camp, although its duration is very short, which is for about five days only. , to exploit it optimally by focusing on a number of technical goals, including standing on some technical and tactical matters, knowing the extent of the players’ readiness, creating more harmony between this group of players, and ensuring the physical condition of the players by knowing closely and installing the elements the basic".

Ali Ibrahim added: "Marvik seeks, through the Serbia camp, to focus on some alternatives and solutions in the event of any emergency matters in the team, such as injuries, as well as ensuring the physical condition of the players."

He continued, "The Serbia camp, in addition to being a recovery process for the players, will also give the coach an indication of the players' readiness for the next stage, as it requires greater effort, and also requires that all players be technically and tactically ready."

Ali Ibrahim pointed out that "the group that was selected in the new list has recently become somewhat homogeneous, and the players' positions have become known to all, which increases the process of player cohesion in the coming period."

In turn, a member of Al-Nasr Football Company and former supervisor of the club's first team, former international player Abdul Rahman Muhammad, stressed that "Marvik seeks, through this short camp in Serbia, to continue the process of communication between him and his players for a week, because this matter is very important for him to prepare for the stage." next in the national team’s career.”

Abdul Rahman Mohammed added: "Although there are no friendly matches for the team during the camp, the coach of the team is keen on the issue of communicating with the players and seeing them from time to time."

He pointed out that "Marvik is convinced of this group he chose, as it is the most appropriate according to his technical vision, and that this group is the one who will serve the team," noting that "the coach will follow up on the players' levels during the league matches, and it is possible to summon any player to the team if he emerges." ».

For his part, the supervisor of the goalkeepers of the Sharjah Football Academy, currently and the coach of the goalkeepers of the former national team, Hassan Ismail, stressed that “the team is on the verge of a national mission that calls on everyone, whether it is the media or the public, and the entire sports street, to stand behind him and support him so that he can Realizing the dream of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

Hassan Ismail described the goals that Marvik seeks during the team’s external camp in Serbia as technical according to the coach’s strategic plan, which is the preparation and good preparation of the team from all sides, creating the required harmony between the players, and fixing the way the team will play its matches in the next stage.

7 Technical Objectives

1- Learn more about the 27 members who were chosen to travel to the camp.

2- Creating more harmony between the players and getting closer to them.

3- Determine the physical condition of the players in general and their readiness.

4- Enhancing some matters that need more development, and identifying some tactical aspects.

5- Attempting to address some of the errors and negatives that accompanied the last period.

6- Focusing more on the basic elements that have proven their existence in the past period.

7- Working to find alternatives and solutions in the event of injuries among the players.

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