Local media reported that some of the Australian athletes who participated in the Tokyo Olympics broke their beds in the Olympic Village room, and the related competition groups apologized for drinking alcohol on the return flight. I did.

Australian media reported that some Australian national team players who were staying in the Olympic Village in Tokyo last week pierced the walls of the room while drunk, and the base was made of cardboard. I broke my bed.

The Australian team leader Chesterman accused the athletes of being "unacceptable" on the 3rd, but said that the damage to the walls and beds was minor and that the athletes were remorseful and would not dispose of them. It means that it was shown.

The Australian Olympic Committee also revealed that some of the athletes who returned home on the 30th of last month after the competition were drunk and made a fuss on their return flight.

Australian rugby and football teams have apologized for the involvement of athletes in their respective competitions and are investigating the situation in detail.

Australia has won 14 gold medals by the 3rd of this tournament, and it is in the rush of medals, ranking 4th after Japan, but local media criticized the behavior of the players as "stupid". doing.