A new competition for the Tokyo Olympics, a sports climbing women's combined qualifying round was held, with Miho Nonaka in 3rd place and Akiyo Noguchi in 4th place, advancing to the final on the 6th, where the top eight players compete.

The women's complex of sport climbing is "speed", which competes for the speed of climbing on a wall with a height of 15 meters, "bouldering", which competes for the number of climbs on a course called "task", and 15 meters in height. You will be competing for the overall results of the three "leads" that compete for how high you can climb the wall in time.

On the 4th, 20 people participated in the qualifying at Aomi Urban Sports Park in Koto-ku, Tokyo.

In the first event, "Speed", Nonaka broke his own Japanese record of 7 seconds 74 in the first time, and in the second time he shortened the time to 7 seconds 55 and finished in 4th place.

His favorite "bouldering" was affected by injury, and he climbed only one course to 8th place, but in the final lead he showed a strong climb and came in 3rd place, and the total of the 3rd event was 3rd place. did.

Noguchi was 9th in "speed", but climbed 3 out of 4 courses in "bouldering" to 3rd, and the final lead was 6th, so the total of the 3rd event was 4th.

As a result, both Nonaka and Noguchi were in the top 8 in the qualifying and advanced to the final on the 6th.