19-year-old Daiki Hashimoto who won the gold medal on the horizontal bar in the men's gymnastics event held on the 3rd of the Tokyo Olympics.

In the horizontal bar, from the qualifying to the group, the all-around, and the finals by event, the outstanding stability that gives the top score in all four times is the amount of practice that the director of the Japanese national team says "I am worried that my body will not break". It was cultivated.

The horizontal bar of the event-specific final, which was the last event for both men and women in gymnastics.

Participants such as Kazakhstan's Milad Karimi, who was second in qualifying, and Japan's Takeru Kitazono continued to fall.

Hashimoto is the 7th player out of the 8 players.

In the qualifying, the group final, the all-around final and the score of around 15 points, all of them were the top results of the participating players.

I didn't feel any patience with my facial expression before the performance, and I felt like an all-around gold medalist.

Grabbing the bar of the horizontal bar, with a beautiful posture in which the limbs extended from the wheels as usual, the G-difficulty "Cassina" and the subsequent E-difficulty "Coleman" were also sharp.

The stretched new moon surface, which is the landing technique, and two somersaults and two twists were decided, and 15.066, which is the third time on the horizontal bar of the Olympic Games, is in the 15-point range.

In the final, only one person won the second gold medal in this tournament with 15 points.

I am able to demonstrate my abilities on such a big stage because I have absolute confidence that I have practiced more than anyone else.

"I'm worried that my body won't break." That's right, Hashimoto has spent so much practice time that the men's coach Hisashi Mizutori is worried. Free time for university classes. The day after the tournament. Even after the representative selection, I came to the gymnasium before anyone else and faced the equipment until the end.

Hashimoto believes that the shortest way to achieve beautiful and accurate performance is to let the movement soak into your body and repeat it earnestly.

After winning the second gold medal, he spoke with a calm expression.

"Acting is there is still regret. With their own is convincing acting, I think the results convincing in its earlier is waiting. I want to doing thorough investigation up there. Quickly back I want to practice"

gymnastics Japan ace Is staring at the Paris Olympics three years from now.