A few days before the end of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, there is the first major outbreak of Covid-19 in the Olympic Village.

Five members of the Greek art swimming team, including four athletes, are infected with the coronavirus.

Patrick Welter

Correspondent for business and politics in Japan, based in Tokyo.

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"I have to say it's a cluster," said organizing committee spokesman Masanori Takaya.

According to him, all twelve members of the team have left the Olympic village and are in quarantine.

It is the first time that the coronavirus has prevented an entire team from taking part in the competitions.

So far, 30 infections have been counted in the Olympic village.

The total number of infections related to the Olympic Games rose by 29 to 327 on Wednesday, counting all infections since July 1.

There were 124 infections among the around 42,000 people who have entered for the Olympic Games so far.

The other infections affect residents of Japan, most of whom are service providers for the games.

Infections on this scale were expected, Takaya said.

While the number of Covid cases related to the Games remains limited, infections in the capital Tokyo and in the neighboring prefectures continue to rise dramatically. Tokyo reported the daily high of 4,166 new infections on Wednesday. The seven-day incidence is around 174 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.