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My name is Mitch Marinus and I will keep you posted on the twelfth day of the Olympics.

  • Day twelve:

  • LIVE:

    400 meters (f)

  • Lieke Klaver and Lisanne de Witte

  • 4.05 am:

    200 meters (m)

  • Taymir Burnet

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Athletics in 4 days


De Witte just falls short and finishes fourth in her heat.

She finishes in 51.68 and now has to be in the waiting room.

There are still four heats left.

  • Jodie Williams -


  • Quanera Hayes -


  • Catia Azevedo -


  • Athletics in 4 days

    Another 200 meters -

    Lisanne de Witte apparently lags somewhat behind in the initial phase, but can still compete for third place.

    Athletics in 4 days


    De Witte has left lane five.

    After her performance in the mixed relay, her individual tournament has now started.

    Athletics in 4 days

    In the first heat, Sada Williams, Roxana Gomez and Shaunae Miller will at least advance to the semi-finals.

    Shaunae Miller took gold in the 400 meters at the 2016 Games.

    On to the second heat with Lisanne de Witte.

    in 4 days

    Athletics in 4 days

    Lisanne de Witte is the best placed athlete in the world ranking in her heat at this distance.

    She is eighth, while the British Jodie Williams is the best classified athlete in fifteenth place after the Dutch.

    • Track division heat 2

    • 2. Amantle Montsho (BOT)

    • 3. Jodie Williams (UK)

    • 4. Quanera Hayes (US)

    • 5. Lisanne de Witte (NED)

    • 6. Bendere Oboya (AUS)

    • 7. Catia Azevedo (POR)

    • 8. Meleni Rodney (GRE)

    • 9. Aliya Boshnak (JOR)

    Athletics in 4 days

    Qualifications in the 400 meters are divided over six heats.

    The top three of each heat will automatically advance to the semi-finals and the six fastest remaining athletes will also gain entry to the semi-final.

    De Witte starts in heat 2, Klaver in the sixth and final heat.

    Athletics in 4 days

    The first Dutch athletes to take action today are Lieke Klaver and Lisanne de Witte.

    They run the 400m series and we see them just like Taymir Burnet in the morning session in Tokyo.

    • 2.45 am: 400 meters (f) series

    • Lieke Klaver and Lisanne de Witte

    • 4.05 am: series 200 meters (m)

    • Taymir Burnet

    Olympic Games · in 4 days

    Olympic program 3 August: these Dutchmen take action.

    Olympic Games · in 4 days

    Tokyo is slowly but surely preparing for the eleventh sports day at the Olympic Games.

    It is a day with good medal chances in sailing and track cycling, but we start in the athletics stadium.

    in 4 days

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