Chinanews client, August 2nd. In the just-concluded Tokyo Olympic Games women's weightlifting 87 kg finals, Chinese athlete Wang Zhouyu successfully won the championship with a snatch of 120 kg and a clean and jerk of 150 kg, with a total score of 270 kg!

  Weightlifting has created countless glorious moments for the Chinese Olympic team.

As a big Olympic gold medalist, the Chinese weightlifting team has the world's top athletes at all levels.

  In 2019, the International Weightlifting Federation revised the weightlifting level of the Tokyo Olympics, and each country and regional association can only send 4 male and 4 female athletes.

  The new rules reduce the gold points of the Chinese weightlifting team, which means that Chinese weightlifters must strive for excellence in order to increase the success rate of Olympic gold medals.

  As the dream team of China's sports, the weightlifting team with elite soldiers continues its previous strong dominance in this Olympics.

  In the weightlifting competition that has ended, the Chinese weightlifting team won 5 gold and 1 silver and ranked among the forefront of the weightlifting medal list.

  Wang Zhouyu, who played in the women's 87 kg class this time, naturally also possesses the top level of this class.

  Since the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships, Wang Zhouyu has begun to show strong strength in the international arena.

  One year later, Wang Zhouyu rose from the 76 kg class to the 87 kg class. Although the class has undergone major changes, her dominance remains the same.

  Before leaving for the Tokyo Olympics, Wang Zhouyu once said confidently, “There is no opponent. If you say there is, it is yourself and you want to defeat yourself. The goal is clear, which is to win the 87 kg gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.”

  Strength, self-confidence and complete preparation have now become the cornerstone of Wang Zhouyu's road to becoming a king in the women's 87 kg class at the Tokyo Olympics.