Thobias Montler, 25, started nicely in the long jump final in the Olympics in Tokyo with 8.08 in the first jump.

A jump that made him one of the eight who had to make six jumps in the final.

Cuban Juan Miguel Echevarria squeezed in with 8.41 in his third jump and looked long to win the gold on it.

But more hopes would come ...

Flew up to 8.40

Montler was only inches from the medal throughout the race;

before his last jump he was in seventh place.

Then Montler got the best hit of the competition and flew up to the mark for 8.40.

The board meeting looked promising.

Which flag would the official display?

It became a red flag.

The jump was rejected and a disappointed Thobias Montler approached the official to hear how far away he was from an approved board meeting.

Montler finished seventh

The TV cameras showed 1.4 centimeters of trampling.

Had the hope been approved, Montler could potentially, sensationally, have taken the lead;

so far hope seemed to be.

But Montler had to settle for a seventh place.

One who underperformed the entire competition was the Greek world setter, 8.60 earlier this year, Miltiadis Tentoglou.

But in his last jump, Tentoglou flew far.

How far was the question?

8.41 - that is exactly as far as Echevarria.

Gold to Greece

Echevarria had one hope left, but failed miserably and took to the leg with a suspected injury.

Who then won the gold?

Well, Miltiadis Tentoglou who had a better second jump (8.15) than Echevarria (8.09).

The bronze also went to Cuba and Maykel Masso who jumped 8.21.

Thobias Montler was in the end 13 centimeters from the bronze, but had a bid for much more.