Woo Sang-hyeok of the high jump also wrote a new history.

As a Korean track and field athlete, he advanced to the finals for the first time in 25 years and finished fourth by setting a new Korean record of 2m and 35cm.

It was the best performance ever achieved in any track and field event other than the marathon.

By Kim Hyung-yeol from Tokyo.


Like a soldier belonging to the Armed Forces Sports Unit, Woo Sang-hyeok, who saluted with big hands and ascended to the world's highest stage, flew through the Tokyo sky without hesitation.

I always memorized a spell before running, and

[I can do it! It goes up!]

After the success of the first round 4 times in a row from 2m 19cm to 2m 30cm, there was a lot of cheering.

We promised to take on the challenge again, and


Wow, this is

just the beginning]

opened a new history.

After jumping 2m 33cm in the second period and setting a personal best record, with a bright face, open arms to induce applause toward the audience, and shouting slogans vigorously, the Korean athlete jumped 2m 35cm, which had never been surpassed. .

Lee Jin-taek broke the Korean record for the first time in 24 years.

After being blocked by a 2m 37cm wall, Woo Sang-hyuk finished the challenge with a powerful salute again.

Woo Sang-hyuk, who took fourth place proudly, surpassed the eighth place recorded by Jin-taek Lee at the Atlanta Olympics, setting the highest ranking in Korean athletics history, excluding marathons.

[Woo Sang-hyeok / National Athletics National Team: Oh, now I'm feeling light. I ran with no regrets. Really, this is a game with no regrets. really. I am happy. Real.]

Woo Sang-hyeok, who rose to the top of Korea's best athlete despite the bad condition of having one foot as small as 15 mm due to an accident as a child, challenged the Olympic qualification until the standard record deadline, dramatically winning a ticket to Tokyo, and then flew like a bird.

Woo Sang-hyeok, who wrote a new history in Tokyo, promised a stronger leap forward in Paris three years later.

[Sanghyuk Woo / National Athletics Team: I think I can do it at the next Paris Olympics because I am young. Korea Athletics Fighting!]