The Hungarian GP offered a fruitful opportunity for the middle caste and stern stables to take points.

Alpine Esteban Ocon, firmly rooted in the middle caste, won, Sebastian Vettel of Aston Martin was second.

Even both Williams took World Cup points.

The great chaos caused by Valtteri Bottas in the first bend demanded its taxes.

Only four cars were left without points in the race colored by the interruptions.

About half of the normal scorers were missing due to start-up crashes.

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Alfa Romeo was one of the few stables that both cars pulled to the end of the race.

Still, there were no point points in the stable.

Kimi Räikkönen drove to 11th place, Antonio Giovinazzi jumped last in the whole set.

Räikkönen rose dramatically after the first start after the scrap rally.

In the re-start, he was stuck in eighth place, but became the payer due to a bug in his stable.

All the cars except Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes curved into the depot after a warm-up lap when the track had had time to dry so much.

Unfortunately for Räikkönen, his depot team released him on the move just as Haasi’s Nikita Mazepin was passing by.

- Well, everything went relatively ok before I hit the depot with someone.

I do not know what happened.

They showed a green light.

Went in front of someone, Räikkönen commented to C Morelle.

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The crash caused by Valtteri Bottas led to chaos, a fierce race from Hamilton

Mazepin's car suffered severe damage and he had to stop.

Räikkönen survived without damage, but the team's mocha in releasing Räikkönen from the depot into a dangerous gap resulted in a 10-second time penalty.

- I was pretty sure there would be some punishment.

Good scoring went to it.

Räikkönen fought in eighth place evenly with the others until he had to suffer his punishment.

After that, point noises were no longer an issue.

The situation was not helped by the team's weak depot stop.

Alfa Romeo’s season has been miserable.

The team has only collected two World Championship points, one per driver.