Major League Baseball pitcher Yu Darvish started the game against the Rockies, but was hit by three home runs and suffered a sixth loss with five goals in six innings.

Darvish started the game against the Rockies in San Diego on the 31st, and did not score up to two times with a good start, such as missing a strikeout from the leading batter.

However, in the 3rd inning, 1 out from 3rd base was preempted by an infield grounder, and the first hit of this game that was allowed to the next batter became a solo home run, and he lost 2 points this time.

Immediately after, the team caught up with the tie, but the home run overtook the lead batter in the 5th inning, and the 9th pitcher also hit a home run, losing 1 point in the 6th inning and getting off the mound this time. ..

It was the first time this season that Darvish had three home runs in a game, and he threw six innings, five hits, two walks, and eight strikeouts, but five runs.

Padres lost 3 to 5, with Darvish losing.

Since winning his seventh win on June 21, Darvish hasn't won and suffered his sixth loss with four consecutive losses.

Reds Akiyama has two hits against Mets

Reds player Shogo Akiyama started in the 8th center against Mets for 3 consecutive games and hit 2 hits.

In the first at-bat in the third inning, he failed to steal after hitting infield hits.

The second at-bat in the 4th inning was a two-base hit after the team reversed 3 to 1, but did not lead to additional points.

The next two at-bats were both strikeouts.

Akiyama marked the sixth multiple hit of the season with two hits in four at bats in this game.

The Reds lost the goodbye 4 to 5 in the 10th inning, and the winning streak stopped at 4.