"It was the first time the coach came to the court ceremony. Lavarini was more delighted than any other match."

The moment the Korean women's volleyball team defeated Japan with a miraculous comeback victory and confirmed the quarterfinals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the players drew a big circle on the court and hugged each other and stomps and cheers.

Stefano Lavarini also joined the circle.

I enjoyed working shoulder-to-shoulder with the players.

The national team won the Tokyo Olympic women's volleyball group A 4th game at Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan on the 31st of last month with a set score of 3-2 (25-19 19-25 25-22 15-25 16-14) after a tight match against Japan. .

Despite being pushed to 12-14 in the 5th set, he did not give up and scored three points and won a thrilling comeback victory.

It was the 'Korea-Japan match', and I was even more happy because I got a ticket to the quarterfinals.

After the game, Park Jung-ah said, "I think it's the first time the coach has been to the court ceremony," and said, "I think he was in a good mood."

Captain Kim Yeon-kyung said, "In the end, we won a comeback victory, but in the end it was teamwork. It was possible because the players worked together."

Coach Lavarini completely melted into Korea as a 'one team'.

Lavarini, who took over as the head coach of the women's volleyball team in January 2019, has come to fully understand Korean players and Korean teams over the past two years and six months.

Coach Lavarini was well aware of the importance of the Korea-Japan match that 'Japan must not lose even rock, paper, scissors'.

Coach Lavarini said, "The game against Japan is really hard. It's the only match between Korea and Japan in the world." He emphasized, "In this game, mental preparation was more important than strategy.

Coach Lavarini also asked Kim Yeon-kyung about the importance of 'mind control' ahead of the Japan match.

Kim Yeon-kyung said, "There are a lot of emotional matches in the game against Japan, so I feel very annoyed."

Athletes agreed that they were desperate for the Olympics.

Coach Lavarini praised the teamwork of the Korean national team, saying, "I don't understand what the players are saying, but the players are like sisters. That's why it's so special."

He showed infinite trust in Kim Yeon-kyung.

When asked to evaluate Kim Yeon-kyung, director Lavarini made a heart and showed it to Kim Yeon-kyung, saying, "We love our claim."

“I came as the coach of the Korean national team because Kim Yeon-kyung is the captain and it is a team that can go to the Olympics.”I am proud and happy to have Kim Yeon-kyung.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)