China News Service, Tokyo, August 1 (Reporter Xing Chong, Zhao Anyuan, Futian) After winning the women's shot put champion at the Tokyo Olympics, Gong Lijiao's dream for many years has finally come true.

"I'm so happy, I did it. At this moment, I have waited for too long. This kind of live feeling has been thought of in my mind countless times, and today I can really feel particularly excited." Gong Lijiao said, after the Tokyo Olympics was postponed, she felt The sky is falling down.

"When I was okay, I listened to Liang Jingru's "Courage" and always gave myself courage. Everyone has to stick to their dreams, and maybe it will be realized one day!"

On August 1, local time, in the women's shot put final of the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese star Gong Lijiao successfully won the championship with a personal best of 20 meters and 58 meters.

This is Gong Lijiao's first Olympic gold medal in his career, as well as the first gold medal won by the Chinese track and field team in this Olympics.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita